Cannabis dispensaries are some of the fastest-growing companies in our state, but just because it’s now legal in Massachusetts doesn’t mean it’s any easier to market.


Let’s break down some of the critical steps you need to make your SMS campaign a success.


Set Goals for Your Campaign


Before you click “send” on your first SMS campaign, you have to ask yourself: “What exactly am I hoping to accomplish?”


Establishing clear and measurable milestones will help you track the success of your campaign and let you know where to focus on future marketing projects.


Be Strategic About Timing


We all get bombarded by texts over the course of the day, but did you know that the time a person receives a text can dramatically affect their willingness to open it?


Whether you’re looking to be the first thing your clients see in the morning or catch them when they’re winding down after work, a strategically-timed SMS message can produce big rewards.


Segment Your List


Different people have different tastes, and even in an industry with such a welcoming culture, you need to find a way to focus on different groups and bring them all through the front door.


Have a group of clients interested in the Boston Freedom Rally? What about offering different deals on different strains? Whatever message you send out, make sure your audience wants to hear it.


Test Different Offers


Sending out the same old SMS message isn’t just going to get boring after a while and bring in diminishing results, it’s also going to leave your audience in the dark about the other great products you carry.


Take the time to test different offers and sales alerts to keep your audience informed about your business and see which marketing methods your clients are most receptive to.


Have a Clear Call to Action


Telling your audience the latest strain of indica is in stock is good and all, but your readers won’t know what to do with that information unless you tell them to come in and grab it while they can.


Strong calls to action can make or break a marketing plan and have a proven effect in a person’s decision-making, so be sure to tell your clients that they need your product right now to get them energized.


Cannabis is a tricky industry to market in and many are still pioneering proper sales tactics, but having an SMS campaign to stay in direct touch with your clients is one of the best methods to grow your business’s success. Give the team at Marketing413 a call today at 413-338-5598 or visit us online and start sending your SMS campaigns sooner than you think.