Digital marketing has changed drastically in the last few years, and it now requires businesses to have a multi-pronged approach including an engaging social media strategy, an optimized website, and accurate listings. However, if just one of these prongs fails, your business could face a serious loss of customers and traffic.

Here are some of the major reasons why your website isn’t attracting the clients you need to succeed.


Your Site Lacks Relevant Content


In the past, websites were just static space to see your products and services, but in today’s world of close communication between customers and companies, your readers want to know why they should trust your organization.

Providing knowledgable, useful, and, above all, free information on your website can go a long way in establishing your expertise and giving your audience a reason to like you.


Your Site Lacks Off-Site Authority


Optimizing your website isn’t just about editing metadata, as search engines also check to see if the website is connected with its community and industry.

If a website doesn’t have external links, it will most likely not have the information that people are seeking, so be sure to add relevant links on your website when they relate to industry news sites and other reputable resources.


You Haven’t Embraced Social Media


54% of social media users use websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to locate new brands to buy from and follow. With more than 3 billion people worldwide using these sites, these users are potential customers that your business can’t afford to ignore.

Developing a social media presence and building your audience takes time and patience, but the potential benefits make this process a must for business owners.


Your Site Is Not User-Friendly


When it comes to attracting your clients and keeping their interest, sometimes digital marketing can be more of an art than a science, and listing all of your products and services can be pointless if your visitors are turned off by the layout and design.

Invite a friend over and have them try to navigate your website so you can get an idea of the user experience and how your website can be streamlined.

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