Being on the second page of Google means your business’s website is practically invisible. In all seriousness, a website’s ability to rank on Google for relevant keywords is essential for success in the digital marketing world in 2020. Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on webpages through targeted keywords and organic searches.


Your website’s blog page can help bring potential customers to your website, but without intentionality, it can be difficult to reach the right people. Here are some steps for creating SEO-friendly blogs:


Research First


So you want to write a blog about dog washing, home renovation, or skincare? Great! First, you need to figure out what relevant keywords your target audience is searching for. Thankfully, Google created Keyword Planner (you just need a Google Ads account) which gives insight into competition level, average monthly searches and suggests other relevant keywords.


Another way to determine what customers are searching for is to check forums and see what people are asking about your industry. If you notice multiple people asking the same questions, it’s likely a good blog topic.


Tips for Titles


It’s important for the blog title to be as optimized as its content because the blog’s title will become the title for the webpage.


Remember these things when creating your title:


  1. Be clear – Most people search for specific ideas or thoughts (e.g., small bathroom renovation ideas), not general statements (e.g., renovate your space).
  2. Keywords come first – Keep SEO keywords near the beginning. If you want to add something fun and unique, use a colon to separate them.
  3. Use lists and questions – Users are more likely to click on “Top Ten Dog Shampoos for Short Hair” instead of “What Dog Shampoo Should I Use?”

Share, Share, Share


Using social media to build an online presence is free, so be sure to share your blogs on social media. It’s also worth considering adding share buttons to your blog page so anyone can easily share it on their social media. Further, if you’re able to create evergreen content, you can reshare to continuously drive traffic to your blog.

While blogs continue to be relevant in digital marketing, we know business owners don’t have much time to spend crafting engaging SEO optimized content. Our content creators are well-versed in building relevant SEO content for any industry. Interested in learning more about our SEO blog services? We’d love to talk!