In the age of instant searches and online reputation, having a website that stands out can make or break a business. But how exactly does one get their website from the backlogs of google to the top of the search results page? By utilizing keywords and being SEO-friendly, of course!


Welcome to Marketing413’s guide to keyword success!


Build a Keyword List


When it comes to keywords and SEO the very first thing a business should do is brainstorm a list of relevant terms that are used frequently in their industry. 


Using HVAC companies as an example, ideal keywords would be “air conditioning”, “airflow”, “heating”, and “comfort”.


Remember, keywords will be making up a significant portion of your website’s titles and metadata, so make sure the words are understandable, related to your business, and will get readers excited about what you can offer.


Research Related Searches & Industries


What a business needs and what their customers want can be two very separate circles in a Venn diagram, but the area where they overlap can provide your company with an abundance of quality keywords.


For example, an HVAC company could look at their customer list and see that clients aren’t just interested in HVAC systems, but in home maintenance, air quality, and lower heating/cooling bills. They could use these keywords to then appear in similar searches by their clients and draw even more attention.


Focus On Your Strongest Options


The sad truth about SEO is that not all keywords are created equal. Businesses need to find a careful keyword balance of not being so niche as to never pop up in a search, but not being so broad as to be drowned out by other pages and businesses.


Going back to our HVAC example, an HVAC company in Springfield, MA could find success by referencing “Springfield”, “Massachusetts”, and other regional terms to show search engines they are a qualified option for Massachusetts. 


Making your business stand out in the digital age can be a Herculean task, but with the right marketing experts backing you, you too can be the hero of SEO. Give the team at Marketing413 a call today at (413) 338-5598 or visit us online for our full suite of marketing strategy services.