Healthcare is an industry that will always exist. No matter how hard they try to avoid it, people will always injure themselves and struggle with the common cold. But if that’s true, why are so many clinics, physicians, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities struggling to expand their practices?

Here are the 3 tactics every healthcare organization should use in their digital strategy to help solve this problem.


Show the World Who You Are


Putting up billboards or banner ads on websites is the first thing many people think of when it comes to advertising, but none of these things will turn prospective patients into loyal patients if you don’t make it clear why your healthcare organization is different from the rest.

How long have you been helping patients? What treatment methods do you use? What is your vision? These are factors that will help potential patients choose your quality care over competitors.


Ensure They Can Find You


One thing a lot of businesses don’t think about when they’re developing their marketing strategy is actually the key to turning prospective patients into actual patients: can your patients find you online? 

Business listings, whether they’re on Google, WebMD, A Place for Mom, in the yellow pages, or in the city directory, are what your patients use to find your website, read reviews, give you a call, or find directions to your location. If they try calling you and they get a disconnected number, you’ve likely lost them as a customer forever.


Make Yourself Accessible


Whether we like it or not, healthcare can seem quite intimidating to the average person. Even if they do have health coverage and insurance, they may feel anxious about making the drive to your office and divulging their medical needs. Or may be very apprehensive about placing a loved one in your care.

If you are running your own practice, be sure to advertise your business hours, any weekends or holidays you may be open, and, above all, put out the call that you are accepting new patients. People are walking up to your virtual door, but it’s your job to welcome them inside.

Marketing a business in the healthcare industry is extremely tricky, especially when you have legal requirements and protocols, like HIPAA, that limit what you can do to advertise yourself. Fortunately, our have all the experience and tools needed to give your marketing strategy a clean bill of health. Give us a call today at (413) 338-5598 or visit us online and find out which of our services will work best for you.