Although it can be difficult to get into a groove when working remotely, finding the right tools can make all the difference! Here are some of the top tools we’d recommend for your team. 




Google Suite, also known as G-Suite, is an affordable option for teams to work together online within one platform. Coordinate your daily tasks and collaborate on projects using G-Suite’s tools. 


Whether you need to onboard team members, brainstorm with your team, or share a final document, managing projects in a team setting has never been easier. You can also host successful video conference meetings, large remote events, and give top-notch presentations with recording and live streaming features. 


Online Appointment Booking


Good appointment software can raise your productivity and improve your customer service—all while saving your employees time. Managers can also make use of this tool to adjust staffing lists, outline services and pricing, and schedule hours.

  • Calendly lets you book unlimited appointments, connect your calendar, create a custom link, and send automated reminders. Although the free version limits you to one type of meeting, the paid version provides access to one-on-ones, round-robins, and group meetings.
  • Acuity Scheduling makes appointment booking easy with real-time availability and customized reminders with your branding through email or text message.




Zoom is a teleconferencing tool to stay connected with your coworkers. It’s affordable and user-friendly with features like recording, screen sharing, calendar integration, and even virtual backgrounds!. 


Other Remote Work Tools


  • Trello: Ideal for project management to assign tasks and track their progress.
  • Asana: Create, delegate, and organize your tasks with integrated calendar features. 
  • Slack: Real-time communication tool that allows you to categorize chats based on subject or team. 
  • Whatsapp: Create group chats, send texts, host video calls, or make voice calls for free on a Wi-Fi network. 
  • Time Doctor: Track your employees’ time for client billing or productivity purposes through an integrated dashboard that reports time spent on assigned tasks.
  • iDoneThis: Sends an automated report of what each employee did that day to keep track of time and efficiency.
  • GoToMeeting: Host recorded virtual meetings or webinars that can be sent to participants afterward. 
  • Google Hangouts: Convenient for workers using Google Calendar and Gmail. 


Giving your team the tools they need to succeed while working remotely will make all the difference for your business! Give the team at Marketing413 a call today at (413) 338-5598 or visit us online for our full suite of marketing strategy services.